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10cm Hot Wire Knife Foam Cutter

10cm Hot Wire Knife Foam Cutter

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Looking for an easy and precise way to cut foam?

Get the job done with Hot Wire Knife Foam Cutter - the perfect tool for fast, accurate cuts every time!


Fast Heating - The Hot Wire Foam Cutter features a fast heating tube that can reach 200in just 10 seconds. This makes it perfect for quickly and accurately cutting foam into the desired shape.

Smooth Cutting - The Hot Wire Foam Cutter cuts the foam smoothly and quickly, and seals the edges cleanly. It leaves no debris, allowing you to craft the foam board or block into the desired shape with ease.

Durable & Convenience - The heating tube of the Hot Wire Foam Cutter is made of stainless steel with a diameter of only 2mm. The foam plastic cutting pen also features an insulated and anti-skid handle for added convenience and durability.

Easy to Use - Equipped with a wire controlled switch for safer and more convenient use, and is very easy to switch on and off. This makes it perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

Versatility - The Hot Wire Foam Cutter is suitable for cutting low density foam and pearl cotton. It is not suitable for cutting sponge, but it is flexible enough to bend.

What Makes This Foam Cutter Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Rapid heating

Smooth and fast cutting

Silicone handle

Easy to use

Capable of bending


1. The heating tube of the foam cutter can only be bent once and cannot be bent repeatedly. Repeated bending may cause fracture.

2. 30 minutes of single use, it is recommended to rest for more than half an hour after 30 minutes of use, and the working time should not exceed 3 hours per day.


Type: US 10cm, EU 10cm, UK 10cm

Heating tube material: Stainless steel

Heating pipe diameter: 2mm

Handle material: ABS

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