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🔥 Hot Sale🔥Make Your Dog Baths Easier! Gentle, But Deeper Clean. Faster & More Effective

🔥 Hot Sale🔥Make Your Dog Baths Easier! Gentle, But Deeper Clean. Faster & More Effective

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  • Removes stubborn dirt
  • Save time, effort & mess
  • Fits any garden / shower hose
  • 70,000+ happy pup parents

The Fastest & Easiest Way To Bathe Your Dog!

Bathing dogs can sometimes feel like a big job, especially when your pup keeps trying to run away. But with the Pup Spin, washing your dog becomes much easier.

It helps with everything from mixing soap to scrubbing and rinsing. That means baths are faster and better!


How It Works

1. Remove the black connector and connect the Pup Spin to your garden hose, or use the provided shower adapter for your shower hose.

2. Pour shampoo into the bottle.

3. Choose the spray mode you prefer and control the soap flow using the top switch.

4. Activate the water flow by pressing the handle once.

5. Wash your dog thoroughly.

6. Deactivate the soap flow and rinse well.


Bathe Your Dog In Just 4 Minutes!Faster, Easier & More Effective.



Connect the Pup Spin to your garden or shower hose. Then fill the bottle with any type of dog shampoo.


Choose your desired spray mode on the nozzle head. The soap flow can be adjusted with the dial at the top.



Click the handle to turn the water on/off. It creates an effective soap mix as it sprays, so you'll get the job done in a snap.

4.Rinse & Reward

Turn off the soap and give your dog a good rinse. Lastly, dry and reward your dog with treats and love!


The Ultimate Solution for a Cleaner, Healthier Dog!

Lots of dogs don't like baths because they find them uncomfortable or scary. But the Pup Spin is like a superhero for bath time!

It swoops in and makes the whole process super speedy and easy. With the Pup Spin, your pup can relax and stay calm while getting squeaky clean.

The Pup Spin is super strong, with twice the power of a regular hose. It has 8 spray options just for dogs and you can choose how much soap it uses.

It gets rid of all the yucky stuff like mud, poop, sweat, and dandruff and make sure your dog is really clean and healthy.

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