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Portable wireless high-definition screen Carplay

Portable wireless high-definition screen Carplay

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WIRELESS CARPLAY: Enjoy seamless connectivity with your iPhone or Android device, wirelessly projecting your phone screen onto the high-definition display in your car.

SMART BLUETOOTH: Stay connected and hands-free while driving with smart Bluetooth technology, allowing you to make calls, stream music, and access voice assistants directly through the carplay system.

REAR-VIEW FUNCTION: Enhance safety and convenience with the rear-view function, providing a clear view of your surroundings while reversing or parking.

FM SIGNAL TRANSMISSION + AUX AUDIO OUTPUT: Enjoy versatile audio options with FM signal transmission for seamless integration with your car's audio system, as well as AUX audio output for connecting external devices.


Screen Size: 7 inches

Resolution: High-definition (HD)

Connectivity: Wireless Carplay, Bluetooth, AUX

Connection Method: Supports both Apple and Android devices

Multimedia Playback: Supports various multimedia formats including music, videos, and photos


Please ensure compatibility with your car's audio and display system before purchasing.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to keep the device updated with the latest firmware and software versions.

Always prioritize safe driving practices and obey local laws regarding the use of electronic devices while driving.

Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

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