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Water-Based Shiny Gold Leaf Paint

Water-Based Shiny Gold Leaf Paint

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BRILLIANT SHINY FINISH: Our water-based shiny gold leaf paint provides a lustrous finish that enhances the beauty of any project. It delivers a smooth, glossy surface that catches the light and adds a touch of luxury.

WEATHERPROOF, WATERPROOF, AND STAIN-RESISTANT: Enjoy long-lasting durability with our paint that withstands outdoor elements and resists water and stains. It maintains its vibrant color and protective properties even in challenging environments.

ECO-FRIENDLY AND WATER-BASED FORMULA: Crafted with care for both your projects and the environment, our paint features a non-toxic, odorless formula. It's safe for indoor use and minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals, making it ideal for households with children and pets.

EASY APPLICATION METHODS: This versatile paint can be applied using various methods, including spray, brush, or roller. It offers excellent coverage and adheres well to different surfaces, ensuring a seamless finish without streaks or brush marks.

SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Suitable for a wide range of materials, including crafts, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, and furniture, our paint is perfect for DIY projects, artwork, home and more.


Volume: 150g, 350g, 500g

Color: Shiny Gold

Base: Water-Based

Package Include: 1* Water-Based Shiny Gold Leaf Paint


Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before application.

For enhanced protection and durability, consider applying a clear coat after painting.

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